Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mike Tompkins - acapella cover of Rihanna: Only Girl in The World

Ohk, so I definitely should be taking a nap since I have to work tonight, and super early in the morning but I couldn't help but post this. I love Mike Tompkins. I posted another one of his acapella vids about a month ago, I just think his talent is really unique and I greatly appreciate this one. There's a guest appearance by Shad[ i'l post his link at the end of the post]
It's been a while since he's posted something on YouTube, but mike was featured on Ellen and Perez Hilton's blog earlier this yar, so he's been busy.

Subscribe to his youtube channel if you haven't already. The link will be at the end of the post.
ENJOY=D [how could you not]

Mike Tompkins on YouTube
Shad's website

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d.gap said...

weee . i love only girl by rihanna :) glad you posted this video so that i can watch others version . i like your blog simple yet attractive ;]

p.s : you might want to follow me , ill follow you back dear .

merry christmas.


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