Sunday, February 6, 2011

PRODUCT FAIL: Victoria's Secret Silky Eyeshadow - Provocateur

Glitter is the herpes of Makeup.

The smallest amount will be on you for years, I've had nightmares about spilling glitter on my hands and then almost without even thinking about the consequences, rubbing my face. Glitter is serious. It takesforever to take off. And when you think it's all gone, there is it. Popping up somewhere it has no business being.
Glitter's a pain in the ass.

That being said, I'm not really sure what possessed me to purchase the item featured today.
Victoria's Secret [online] had this to say: Unveil eye-catching color. Pigment-rich formula drapes lids in pure color and an alluring glitter effect.

Provocateur caught my oh so naive and stupid eye because I bought it when I was just getting into makeup and figured for $10, that's way less than I pay for MUFE, NARS, UrbanDecay, and even the Sephora brand. So I was sold. And the beige-pink color is really amazing... in the box.
Here's where it falls short. Swatching the shadow on your hand and then immediately falling in love should only create happy thoughts, which it did in my case. But when I pulled this color out of my collection to use it... not so happy. It took way too much effort trying to load a brush up with this color. I used and elf shadow brush, a Sonia Kashuk brush, and an eco tools brush and nothing was picking up enough color. It was almost impossible. So I figured, 'suck it up Imani & just use your hands'. So I did. Okay, color applied... happy girl right? NO. The beigey-pink color I had fallen in love with at the store was this opaque, almost silver with chunks of silver. I hate when things like this happen.

Since I now had remnants of this eyeshadow on my hand, I had to take it off. My makeup remover wasn't necessarily taking the makeup from my fingers off, rather than just erasing the color and leaving glitter. GREAT.

When I tried to take it off at night.. ugh. There was glitter all around my eyes. Maybe it was my makeup remover, so I tried another glittery eyeshadow; UD's Sidecar. With 1 swipe the color was gone, and I didn't look like I had just left a rave.

But the good thing about VS Silky Eyeshadow is it's literally the smoothest eyeshadow I've ever felt.
Literally. So if you like running your fingers through an eyeshadow, this one's for you.


Tima said...

LMAO@ glitter being the herpes of make-up... A great beige-pinky color is MAC's Expensive Pink and if you get it in pan form its $11 bucks so only $1 more than you paid for the VS crap.

Editor & Chic

Anonymous said...

HAHAH, Yeah it's the truth though. Glitter's such a pain in the ass lol.

I dont have any MAC palettes so if I bought the pan of it I would have to get a palette too =/. it might be worth it though.. thanks for the suggestion !!

Ansa said...

That's a shame becuase it looks so pretty but I hate shadows that I have to work hard to make "work". Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly

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