Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sinful Colors : Rich in Heart

Hi Everyone !
I think the first time I saw the Sinful Colors nail polish brand was over the summer in my local Walgreens, and after purchasing one color and using it, I went back to Walgreens the next day and nearly lost my mind trying to decide which colors to buy. & that was prettymuch what I spent my money on during the summer.
After moving back in on campus, I haven't gone to a Walgreens just because I don't have a car and I'm too lazy to walk to the nearest one, but last week while shopping in Target I noticed the brand and nearly had a heart attack.
If you're unfamiliar with Sinful Colors nail polish, they come in a variety of more than 100 COLORS with really great payoff. Alot of the colors don't need more than one coat. So back to Target... naturally I was tempted to get every color but I stopped myself, and reached for a dark burgundy color with small red flecks, that I'm in love with at the moment.
Rich in Heart:
Like I mentioned before, Sinful Colors has great color payoff [This is only one coat] and the brush makes application really easy which is great!


Dee O. said...

I love love love LOOOOOVE Sinful Colors nail polish! When I'm not using OPI, that's what I use! It's so affordable and the quality is pretty darn good! Like you said, you don't need more than one coat which is always good :) And the bottle it big! What's not to love?! Lol :)


Anonymous said...

haha, Thanks for commenting. They're my guilty pleasure now, every time I walk into Walgreens, or Target i have to buy at leat 1. they're so cheap I feel like it wouldnt even mke sense to just leave them there.
Thanks again for commentingg !

Mimilainna said...

Love the dark nail polish, totally my style.

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