Thursday, February 10, 2011

NOTD: Grey Suede

Hi girls !
Here's another installment of NOTD for you guyss. Hope you enjoy !

Revlon came out with their fall collection sometime in September and the color Grey Suede was one I had to have from the moment I saw it in a magazine.
It's hard to describe this color really accurately because it looks different depending on the light.
It's a creamy light beige color with a really small amount of shimmer, and under unnatural light it's almost this light pinky-lilac brownish color. [maybe i'm hallucinating.. whoknows?] I like it.
It's an excellent nude for any nailpolish-aholic to have in their collection.

So what's your favorite drugstore nailpolish brand? Color? 


Anonymous said...

I actually like the color. Where did you buy it from?

Anonymous said...

Heyy, thanks for commenting.
I'm prettysure I bought it at Target. But you can find it at just about drugstore!

Amandita said...

Sweet blog, thanks for following =) Im also into nude nail polish =)

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