Monday, October 4, 2010

Purple Night

Fall is quickly approaching, which means some minor changes in makeup. If you were wearing powder foundation or tinted moisturizer during the summer, you can pull out your liquid foundation without fear of the humidity ruining it. Richer colors are coming back, and I'm really excited about it. Deep reds, and burgundys are some of my favorites, but last week I did a pretty simple purple eye for the nighttime and got positive feedback. So here's the look

The majority of the colors are from my bh cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette[2nd edition]. I'll post a link at the end of this post to the website. Their products are really great quality with terrific color payoff at decent prices.
One of my favorite things about this look, is the versatility of it. You can change the intensity of the darkest purple shadow for a more edgy daytime look and change the crease color for a completely different attitude. Unfortunately, since most of the colors were from my palette, I couldn't really take great pictures of the colors, but I did some swatches for you guys to get an idea.

I did my normal foundation routine then used urban decay's primer potions as my eyeshadow primer.
1. place darkest purple on the lid ONLY
2. add the light shimmery purple to crease and blend the 2 colors so there is a gradient effect.
3. pop a small amount of the silver on the inner corner
4. use a neutral eyeshadow as your highlight
5. line your upper eyelid and apply your favorite mascara and a wine colored blush to your cheeks


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