Saturday, October 1, 2011


hey guys. 
So I have some pretty good news. 

I wanna thank Stanique from Practically Coffee soooo much for giving me this award !
Thanks Girl !
If you're not following her blog, be sure to click on the link and check out her blog. 
She's up &coming like me and her blog is one that I'm becoming obsessed with 
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award, and create a link back to their blog
2. Write 7 RANDOM things about yourself
3. SHARE THE LOVE - Give the award to 15 other bloggers


1. I don't like when mixing textures when it comes to my food. 
ex. don't you dare put breadcrumbs on my mac & cheese. that's weird. uhmm.. crunchy peanutbutter.. excuse me what the hell ?

2. I think I've met my soulmates. & they're all my bestfriends in the ENTIRE world. 

3. I can be seen eating broccoli at almost any time of the day. Usually as a meal. breakfast, lunch or dinner and/or fourthmeal. 

4. I'm completely obsessed with music. ALL TYPES. and I like my music turned up to the MAXIMUM. 

5. I curse like a 64year-old filthy pirate trucker. 
definitely more than a sailor
and wayyy more than a rapper
and I might actually be a rapper
did I mention I have a mixtape coming out? ANYWAY

6. I have 13 open piercings & 1 tattoo. 
I want more piercings. 
I want a shit ton of more tattoos

7. I clip coupons like you wouldn't believe. 
savin them dolla dolla bills ya'll. 

Sweet & Sassy - beautiful fashion blog with looks for the everyday woman. 
Luscious Rubor - beauty blog
Kiss an Makeup - beauty blog - I love her posts, the pics are always clear and she gives her honest opinion
Kandy Koated Beauty - hair, beauty, fashion, photography, life. a little bit of everything
Makeup Diary - I just started following her blog, but it's one that I get way too excited for new posts.
BANG. - Also just started following her blog, but I love her posts. They're educated and get you thinking  
Beauty's Bad Habit - UK based beauty blogger. If you have an edgier kind of style you should definitely check her out. 
BeautyFash - Beauty, Fashion and some of the most delicious recipes EVER. I made her buffalo chicken cheese balls. and I nearly ate myself into a coma. delicious. 
Ebrushka's Makeup Bag - One of the first beauty blogs I followed. Her pictures are crystal clear & her reviews are excellent
Evolution of Beauty - check her out for natural hair tips & beauty 
Getting Cheeky - I usually check out her blog for reviews on whether or not I should buy things haha, I trust her opinion on just about everything. 
jomakemeblushdotcom - another blog I've been following since forever. She's beautiful and her pictures are really clear. [I'm a sucker for good pics]
Lacquerized - If you like nailpolish... like at all. Check out her blog. THE END.
TrashyGobs - UK based Fashion Blog. I like her style alot
oomph.  - Another blogger I've been following for a while. I'm kind of obsessed with her shoes. period.

I'm sure most of these bloggers have already recieved this award, but these are my picks.
some are new
some are older
check them out, you won't be disappointed

Thanks again to Stanique from Practically Coffee for nominating me !


Sherry said...

Yay!! Congratulations! Thanks so much for passing it on - I appreciate it so much!! :)

Harija said...

Neat post

I was wonderin if you would like to follow each other =)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

your number 4 is so me. music for life! hahaha

Giovana said...

I invite you to know and if you like, you can follow us on twitter @ blogTQCA ok?

Marie said...


Yay for best friends.;D

***** Marie *****
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oomph. said...

congratulations...and THANK YOU so much for passing this on :)

tattoos are addicting. i want more, too!

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