Friday, June 24, 2016


Okay everyone, today's post is all about Morphe individual shadows.
If you haven't seen the other posts from Mophe Week, definitely check them out 
Let me start out by saying they're $2.29 each but is comparable in quality to Makeup Geek and Anastasia. These are phucking amazing. 
Seriously buy a few of these. You won't be disappointed. 
You'll notice that 1 of the pans is larger, that's because I have one of their Premium eyeshadows ($6) and the quality is just insane. 
For $6 it should be an okay color, with okay pigmentation and okay staying power.. but it's so much better than okay. 
Morphe is killing it when it comes to affordable makeup. 

Let's jump in to it. 

from left to right 
Burlesque, Dazzling, Golden Glory, Honey Baked, Glisten, Perfection(my favorite brow highlight at the moment)

Deep Cocoa, Nuts For You, Caramelized, Cafe Macchiato, Deep Skin
Deep Skin is almost the same shade as my skin, so whenever I use too much product or need to clean up edges, I always reach for this. 
It never hurts to have a shade identical to your skin simply for this reason. 

Rosey Posey (premium e/s) Wink For Pink, Fiesta, Sassy, Rosewood, Secretive
Rosey Posey is just a pinch more peach than Wink For Pink. I don't know if you're able to tell in photos. 

Tokyo Tea, Ocean Frost, B.A.M., Aloha, Breakfast At Tiffaneez, Naughty Girl. 
The only shadow that has less than excellent color pay off is Breakfast At Tiffaneez. 
I had to run my finger in the pan 4times in order to get this very light baby blue eyeshadow to even show off on camera. It makes it super difficult to use on my oily lids. After a few hours of it on, it truly just fades away which is sad, because it's such a unique matte baby blue shade. 

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