Wednesday, October 14, 2015

NYX Lip Suedes

 Today is all about NYX Lip Suedes. I hope you're prepared.
To me, there's nothing in the world anyone can do to stop me from buying more lipsticks, lipglosses, lip cremes.. everything. I love them all equally. When NYX launched these I began scouring ULTAs far and wide...for weeks I had no luck. Until last week. While picking up some last minute items for a weekend trip I decided to pop in quickly to the ULTA near me. With fingers 8crossed, I entered and headed straight to the section I had previously been five times. There they were displayed at the top of the lipsticks, all eight shades beautiful and tantalizing. I couldn't resist.
I purchased six... you can keep the judgment to yourself.

Tea & Cookies

The perfect baby doll pink. This color literally looks like strawberry milk. Creamy and opaque and you need it.

Soft Spoken 
Best described as a dusty rose, this is perfect as a nude option for skin tones similar to mine. 

 Orange County
Just as you would assume this color is orange. Not at all muted just plain freaking orange and I think I love it. I already have tried to wear this color 3 times. It was inappopriate and I loved it. 

Cool toned blueish purple, this is my favorite color from my purchase. I have a thing with purple lipsticks you'll soon find out.

This is the perfect vampy color for fall. It's a rosey mauve and I loooooove it. 
Already gotten compliments on this shade by 3 people in one night of wearing it. 
This is the nude lip for skin tones darker than mine.. basically if you and Annaliese Keating share the same foundation, you might want to buy this. 
[2 points to you if you got the reference]

Stone Fox
This shade is really beautiful. It's not like a grey lipstick I've ever seen. This is pure stone grey. Not blueish. Not light grey. Grey. Same color as my soul. 

Well, I hope these swatches serve you well. 
You can find all eight shades here
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