Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Apparently, I've been living under a rock for a while, because I've never even heard of Tank. He's releasing his THIRD album this year, and I've never even heard of him. I'm pretty disappointed in myself, but I heard this song while driving to the mall with a friend, and had to listen to it again...and again and again.
As soon as I got home I downloaded it, along with just about every other song of his for one reason. His.voice.is.sexy. END OF STORY. I can't even begin to describe to your how in love I am with him right now, and quickly my morals would fly out the window if I was left alone in a room with him.
Celebration features Drake, and who doesn't love Drake? Really?
But Ladies, this is for you. This song is 100% seductive and it gets straight to the point. I like it.

Leave your thought in a comment, I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks.
And if you have any suggestions for new music, leave that in a comment too.

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Spinster said...

Tank is much bigger in the West than he is on our side of town. He's been around for a while.

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