Thursday, November 18, 2010


Boris Kodjoe. Honestly, need I say more?
Homeboy better hope I never meet him in a secluded spot
I for one, think it should be illegal every time he's in public, and his shirt ISN'T off. He should be fined. Who's with me?
Boris Kodjoe; Australian native and former fashion model turned actor,has been lighting up movie and television screen ever since I can remember. Some of the movies he's had roles in include Brown Sugar, Love and Basketball, Madea's Family Reunion, All About Us and his latest, Undercovers. So let's hear it for a successful, gorgeous man who's made his way from Down Under to the Hollywood Hills and managed to make women everywhere swoon.



Lolade said...

yess this guy is a HOTTTIE!
facial andd phsyically..

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Anonymous said...

mmm, tell me about it
thanks for commenting, i'm probably going to continue doing eye candy posts like these if I get more positive feedback.
Thanks again !

Abbie said...

I must agree....yum.

Ericka Franklin said...

he's definitely gorgeous and I had no idea he had ties to australia :)

Anonymous said...

hahahha @Erika, yeah his mother is australian and that's where he was born.

Thanks alot for reading and commenting !

Spinster said...

Didn't know he was from Australia. Australian men are beautiful and so is he. *fans self*

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