Monday, March 7, 2011

February Favorites !

I didn't really buy too much of anything this month, I've been pulling out items that I forgot about and here's what I've been using just about every day and loving

Urban Decay's Naked Palette: This has been my holy grail on lazy mornings. We all know about it so I don't think there's very much more to say about it lol. I use Toasted all over my lid and Hustle to deepen my crease

Maybelline FITme! Liquid Foundation [350 Caramel] - I bought this product back in January, loved it & even posted about it - HERE - . I'm LIKING it in February. My complaints are it's alot runnier than my other foundatiosn which I don't like & it barely lasts 5hours [FOR ME]. Even with Professional Makeup primer and setting powder. =/ Maybe next time Maybelline. But the color is the best skintone match I've ever had in a foundation so that's a plus.

Sephora Lipgloss [08 blushing]: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LIPGLOSS ! It's a peachy bronze lipgloss. The color os fantastic and goes with whatever makeup I'm wearing. I've been slapping this stuff on my lips since the second I bought it in the middle of February. Really good stuff, and who doesn't love a great nude lipgloss?

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve: This lip balm changed my life the first time I used in back in 2009. I used it everyday, all the time, nonstop and then one day I was just over it.
I bought another one from Bath & Body Works when I was home in January and then went back the next day and bought 2 more. The tin pictured is almost gone [ I like lipstuff] It smells like roses, smoothes cracked lips & gives you a nice glossy finish. Perfect.

NARS Blush: Amour
When I saw this in Sephora I wasn't really sure if coughing up the 27bucks for this would be worth it simply because the color isn't anything special. Drugstore blushes would probably have a simolar color. It took me a couple applications before I was obsessed, the color is kinda of a peachy-pink but it goes on sheer, so it looks like your skin is glowing. It's nice. I dont know if I would purchase this color again though, like I said... $27 for a blush that's mimicked by other drusgtore brands is kind of dumb. But I do like the color.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: Okay, I'm a loyal UDPP user and the only reason I bought this eyeshadow primer was because Urban Decay had yet to come out with their gigantic Primer Potion in a squeeze tube and I was fed up with tearing apart the older container to get the remaining product out. I bought Shadow Insurance over the summer if you haven't guessed... But recently it's been the primer I turn too. It's creamy like UDs & makes every brand of eyeshadow I have last. If you haven't tried Too Faced's primer, I recommend it. Good Stuff

SO... What have been some of your Favorites this month ??

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