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TAG: How Much is Your Face Worth ?

Hi Everyone !!
So one of my favorite kind of posts, are TAGS. So here's one for you guys
The idea of it, is to get together all of your everyday makeup and figure out how much your face is worth after using those products.
These are the products I use when I'm in a hurry, and just wanna throw on some eyeliner and mascara and be outta the door
Hopefully this isn't too embarrassing hah, here we go.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturing Gel
Used everyday since the day I bough this last summer, and will be repurchasing FOREVER.
I have oily skin, and lotions usually make the situation worse
But because this formula is a gel, it glides on and leaves my skin moisturized without making it look like I just painted my face in butter. Highly recommend this if you have oily skin =D
Purchased at Macy's for $26.50
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base:
 My favorite drugstore foundation primer that I've ever used ! It seriously is like magic, and one days when my skin is really good I just throw this on and I'm ready to go. It evens out skin and even diminishes fine lines.
I usually buy this at ULTA or some drugstore for about $12.99

Maybelline FITme! Liquid Foundation
I use the smallest amount of this just to even out my complexion on days when I'm in a rush.. which is usually everyday since I wait until the last minute to run to class
Purchased at Walmart for $6.49

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Concealer Kit
I saw this in a magazine last summer, and fell in love with it. It comes with a cream concealer on the top, and a setting powder on the bottom. I don't use the setting powder however, it's kinda cakey & that's not cute. The concealer though, is my favorite. It's the only one I use.
Purchased at Walmart for $12.99

Benefit Powderflage
I use this to set my concealer under my eyes, and it brightens them up so much.
Love Love Love Love LOVE this product. & it lasts foreverrrr
I bought the container that I'm using today In August last year, and I shit you not, I haven't even used half of this stuff yet. And I use it everyday.. Religiously. Even without concealer. And it comes with a small fan brush, that I don't use. A fluffy eyeshadow brush works better for me
Purchased at Sephora for $28

NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Translucent Highlighter Glow
I have at least 6 Translucent Face Powders and I'm always reaching for this one.
Pretty self explanatory, it sets all my face makeup & it works pretty nicely.
Purchased at Walmart for about $2

NARS Powder Blush in Dolce Vita
It's a mauvey rose color with just a teeny bit of sheen and when applied to the apples of my cheeks.... is fantastic.
If you know anything about NARS blushes, you know that the pigmentation is amazing and how smoothly they apply. If you don't have any in your collection, I highly recommend you buy some.
They've changed my life.
Purchased at Sephora for $27

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I bought this last summer after I got wayy too fed up with cutting apart my UD Primer Potion over and over again trying to get all the product out. This has a squeeze tube and it made it really easy to apply with my fingers. I think I like Shadow Insurance a little bit more than UD's primer =/. I find that it keeps all of my eyeshadows on, no matter what brand. With UD I noticed that it works best with UD shadows.. which is kind of a bummer but whatever.
The consistency is thicker than UD's but glides on clear
Purchased at Ulta for $18

NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black
I've never used another liquid eyeliner that I really love. I've had problems with L'Oreal's famous liquid felt tip liner, but found it got flaky through out the day, which definitely isNOT cute.
and this was only $2. So you can't really go wrong. NYC makes decent products at really affordable prices

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes
Need I say more?
It's perfect, and I always find myself reaching for it. I have like 10 other mascaras that I have but this is by far my favorite
Purchased at Walmart for $7


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