Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Favorites

Hi pretty.
Happy November ! My favorite month. In case you were wondering.
October flew by, and with it just a few products that I couldn't live without.

 1. Mainstays Pumpkin Pie Candle
I am in love with this candle. I have it in my room and after a half hour or so my room smells like a bakery.. just full of delicious spices and sweetness, UGH.. it's just great.
2, Mainstays Apple Pumpkin Candle
After I fell in love with the Pumpkin Pie scent, I had to run back and grab this one. It's not as sweet as the pumpkin pie but I love it just the same. As soon as the first one ran out, I immediately started to burn this one and again, I have no complaints. You can purchase them both at Walmart.
3. Chapstick in Pumpkin Pie.
Are you beginning to see a trend here? I bought this for like a buck because.. I mean, you never DON'T need chapstick. Threw it in my purse and forgot about it for a few days. Then when I reached in, I pulled it out and surprised myself. It smells exactly like pie. That's about it.

4. V05 Moisturizing Conditioner 
I've used V05 Hot Oil Treatments on my damaged hair for as long as I can remember, and I've never been interested in any other V05 products. That changed in October. These were on sale at CVS one week and they were cheap so I bought a few in different scents just to try them out. 
Girl. These are crazy. 
Not only do I smell like strawberry shortcake when I get out of the shower, my hair was sooo much softer. Just after the first use ! Girl.
I'll definitely be purchasing more of these in the future. 
The other scent I bought is a Peach scent... I can't wait to use it. 
5.  Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash in Vanilla Indulgence
Last is one of my go to winter skin products. 
As the weather gets colder, my skin gets noticeably drier which isn't okay with me. The only way to fix this problem is to start in the shower. Olay body washes claim to have a jar of their moisturizer inside, and I believe it. The way this lathers up is really nice and comforting.
After lathering, washing, rinsing and repeating.. my skin thanks me. 
This scent is only available in the fall/winter and I always make sure to pick it up.
You should to, your skin will thank you !

Thanks for stopping by, comment with your favorite products!

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