Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winter Lip Remedy

Sorry for the holiday hiatus, but you have to understand.. I work in retail and the crazier half of my family were visiting. 
I hope you accept my apology. 

Anyways, after Buffalo was ravaged by mother nature, the temperature drastically dropped here in NEPA. There were a few days of truly disgusting single digit temps, and I don't know many people who were prepared. And as a result my lips dried out like a raisin. (There's a visual for ya)
So I present to you my remedy for dry, cracked winter lips. 

1. e.l.f cosmetics Lip Exfoliator
2. Vaseline Lip Therapy

A month or so ago, e.l.f cosmetics had a 50% off sale, and this was one of the products I purchased. 
You can easily see the lip exfoliator is loaded with little sugar like granules that literally scrub away the dead skin. 
Apply to dry lips and then simple remove product with a warm rag. 
You can purchase yours here

My family hoards vaseline like you wouldnt believe so when I saw this Creme Brulee scented baby tub in CVS a few weeks ago, I knew I was going to love it. If you're not using vaseline for your're wrong. There's no other product that moisturizes and repairs my lips quite like the Vaseline brand. 

Apply to lips after removing the exfoliator. 
Purchase yours here

hope this helps !

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